Special Line - Base Pizza

Special Line

Organic Line *
Today’s consumer is constantly looking for sustainable, healthy products, made with excellent raw materials: this is why Base Pizza company has included organic products in his assortment. The organic is linked to a story, to a territory and its strength is not in the turnover but in the change it has given to lifestyles. Pizza base and Puccia, both fresh (+ 4 ° C) and frozen (-20 ° C), are also available Organic, without any preservatives.


Multicereal *
Corn, oat, rye and soy: here’s the Wellness Pizza! A pizza with cereals becomes part of the rich basket of references of the innovative company Made in Puglia. A long search to offer the right compromise between lightness and flavour, maintaining some essential cornerstones: hand-stretched and local ingredients. Cereals have always been present in human nutrition, in fact they help the body to keep fit and prevent many diseases. The new reference is a 30 cm multicereal pizza with natural ingredients: a wise mix of cereals that gives the product a rustic flavour and a more decisive colour, extra virgin olive oil, salt, water and natural yeast. The presence of a mixture of cereals (corn, oat, rye and soy) and a well-leavened and highly hydrated dough is the secret of a light, crunchy and highly digestible pizza with a unique and unmistakable taste. It is prepared in just a few minutes and lends itself to multiple fillings, as good as just made by the pizza maker.