Bases for Pizza

Basi per pizza

The production of high quality bakery products with respect of the environment passes through the use of strictly local raw materials, such as re-milled durum wheat semolina, extra-virgin olive oil, water, yeast starter and salt. Thanks to the continuous rotation of the product, the leavening times of 5/6 hours are respected and some activities such as the dough hand-stretching are carried out by master pizza makers.
Three tunnel ovens, two employees for the pre-cooking (40 seconds) of the pizza bases and one for the complete baking (8 minutes) of the pucce. In a fourth 4-space static oven the focaccias are baked for 25 minutes in their many variations. The products are packaged in MAPand are distributed outside fridges. The products are packaged in MAP and are distributed fresh (from 0 °C to +4 °C) or frozen (-20 ° C).

Diametro pizze